Free EMT Training: Are There Free Emergency Medical Technician Training Opportunities Available? Let’s Find Out!

If you have the dream to become an emergency medical technician, but can’t afford the enrollment and tuition fees, you may want to consider the free EMT training options that are out there. Yes, it’s not a myth; free training opportunities to become an EMT do exist!

If you find yourself in this situation, you should take advantage of the schools and organizations set up particularly for this purpose. Unfortunately though, such organizations are quite hard to come by. And this is indeed a big concern. The existing ones are doing a good job within their limitations to help people with financial constraints.

Free training to become an EMT is often funded by individuals, foundations, and businesses. But most often it’s funded through the federal grants provided by federal and local governments. However, interestingly, most of the free courses available are designed specifically for the EMT basic level. So, these courses will mainly help you earn the EMT basic certification at the most.

Remember, successful completion of such courses do also require sufficient time and energy. Therefore, if you do get chosen for free EMT training, please don’t take it for granted!

Let’s now discuss in detail where to look for free EMT training opportunities?

A good place to begin your search will be volunteer organizations. There are quite a few volunteer organizations in the world which are dedicated to EMT activities.

You will be pretty surprised to know that even some fire departments and rescue squads provide EMT training for free. The concept behind this is to attract as many volunteers as possible in order to increase the staff strength. However, it’s important to remain as an active EMT volunteer for at least one year to receive quality training in exchange. It’s a win-win scenario for all the parties concerned – you stand to gain valuable experience, the rescue squad or the fire department stands to benefit with your services, and your community is obviously rewarded as a result of the entire initiative. After completing this type of training, some people even go for a paid internship to further strengthen their EMT knowledge and advance from EMT basic to EMT-I or Paramedic.

Few non-profit organizations also provide free training to fulfill your dream of becoming a successful EMT. You will be surprised to know that some of the training provided by these non-profit organizations is meant for women only. You can look for a free opportunity in an organization such as Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago. This organization gets its funding from the Eleanor Foundation. Now, you will be surprised to know that Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago even makes arrangements for placement programs for its students. A few other non-profit organizations have connections with some reputed colleges for their free training.

Now, next on the list of free EMT training is the branches of City University. These branches are supported and funded by the State Legislature. They are managed by the State University, for example, Bronx Educational Opportunity Center. However, in order to be eligible you will have to fulfill the basic criteria such as income level and literacy level. Finally, you will also come across a few companies which will offer you free online EMT training.

Various Free EMT Training Programs

CUNY CareerPATH offers an interesting free EMT training program in NYC. This program is primarily meant for unemployed adult workers. The program gives the opportunity to collect both college credits as well as industry-recognized credentials for its students. It also provides necessary job assistance at the same time. To make sure that the task of college transition and career advancement takes place at the right manner and pace, CUNY CareerPATH has taken the initiative to introduce occupational training and instructions for developing English language speaking skills. This is indeed an innovative initiative as far as free EMT training programs are concerned.